Infill 1

I had worked on my hidden shed on Saturday and though I don’t seem to have taken any ‘before’ photos, it looked like this by the time I parked it.


I was feeling a little brighter so I upped the pace around same circuit as last week, the 5.2 miles taking only 52 minutes, an average of 5.75 mph.  That was not bad bearing in mind that the undergrowth was encroaching on the path in may places… mainly stinging nettles and brambles, but also 5-foot tall ferns in one place, which I had to wade through!

IMG_1798IMG_1804Hmmm... this is the path...!

Infill 2

Every couple of years or so our neighbours grant us a little more afternoon light by having their vast eucalyptus tree trimmed back.  This year I was amazed when the tree surgeons carried on until they got to ground level!


I thought I would at least get outside, even if I didn’t run very far or very fast.  It was a glorious day and I just pottered along the short loop route to Wivelsfield, taking photos along the way.

5.2 miles took me 59 minutes, an average of about 5.2 mph.


Infill 3

Not really up to much, but managed to run on the machine for half an hour and covered 3.54 miles… a shade over 7mph.

I had dropped in to see my folks the day before… it’s not hard to see where I get my interest in gardening from…


Recovery time

I’ve been laid low with illness for the last couple of weeks and am only just starting to get back on my feet.

However on the 18th May, just before I started spiralling downhill, I managed to choose a beautiful day for a run in the woods… which I hope the pictures below convey.

6.2 miles in an hour (from memory).