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This blog might be about occasionally running but it is also designed so that I have to write, which has served two good purposes over time.  Run to write, write to run.

In the first year of this blog (to August 08) I ran more than 538 miles, or around 45 miles per month and published 156 posts, an average of 3 each week.  Year two (to Aug 09) I managed 512 miles, a reduction of 2.5 miles per month.  During year three (to Aug 10) I entered the 2010 Brighton marathon, so naturally the mileage increased… to 726.  Both mileage  and numbers of posts have reduced since then…

But in case you get the impression that running, writing and work are the only things I’m interested in, here are a few of my other pastimes:


I’m totally passionate about Driving, to the extent that I did a season in the Ginetta sprint & hillclimbing series a few years ago Shelsley Walsh Video and try to spend some time being coached every year.   This used to include a regular annual trip to go ice driving in sub-zero Sweden, where tyres like the ones below really come into their own!  on the last trip I took immense pleasure in sliding a rear-wheel drive limousine around an ice-track.  Sideways, of course.


Despite the pain associated with Skiing, including beaten up shoulders, cracked ribs and a broken collar bone, I just love it!  There’s nothing to beat the fresh mountain air and the challenge of a good, fast carve or an energetic powder run.


I’ve been Kayaking since I was a kid and whilst I’m no expert, I really do have fun!  My kayak fits so well on my car, but alas, not often enough!


DIY used to freak me out, as despite being a passionate designer, I was ham-fisted once I had the tools in my hand.  The last few years I have started listening to advice and learning the requisite skills, from tiling and plastering to bricklaying and woodwork.  While I definitely have a way to go, I recently made a 17 foot bench in my garage which is the envy of the chippie who told me how to go about it.  Moreover, I really enjoyed the process… and I love the finished article… though it’s now looking somewhat more seasoned (though to be fair the latter picture is part way through a major tidying session 🙂


I also designed and built an unusual tea-house in the garden… again this has aged nicely over time…

I have always been fascinated by Design and aside from countless work related processes, exhibition stands, trolleys, clothing etc, I have so far designed two driveways, both of which were delightfully practical and house-enhancing, the bench mentioned above, a hidden shed, some desks, bookcases, printer stands and one (alas, as yet unrealised) house extension.


Gardening gives me a similar pleasure and has also taught me to be incredibly patient, which I used not be at all.  In addition to providing stress relief and creative inspiration, it has also helped me create some wonderful outside environments.


Well, that’s all about me!

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