Fall down, get up

I was sitting in the tea-house writing this, listening to the burble of water falling onto stones and enjoying the cool evening breeze.  However, something went awry and now I’m inside, nearer to the wi-fi connection and writing the post over from scratch.

This morning I was in a rare weekend mode, supping a quadspresso and deep into a very thought-provoking book on reinventing organisations.  Then I realised that it was Sunday and that I needed to go out for a run.  Such are good habits that it’s okay to skip your given task on occasion, provided it’s a good reason, but I’d done that for the last two weekends so skipping was not an option!

The good reason for missing two weekends was a short trip to the Amalfi coast in Italy, which was beautiful but way too hot to run!


With no reasons sufficient to miss a third week, I got on my gear and got out there.  It was a simple run, out to Wivelsfield, up through West Wood and along Hundred Acre Lane, then back via the Magical Path.


I wasn’t out to break any record, so I was running along, looking at the fields and the trees and, at a certain point in time, singing my latest song out loud.

Clearly, in retrospect, looking around and singing meant that my focus was not on the ground in front of me… one minute I was singing, the next on my hands & knees on the ground having tripped on a protruding root.


Nothing damaged, other than my pride (I would prefer to have tucked and rolled rather than landing in such a clumsy way), I dusted myself down and carried on, singing even louder to scare any other have-a-go roots away!

The run was 6.12 miles and according to Strava I completed it in one hour.


There, finished.  Though I’m not sure that writing it a second time improved it any!