Hi Chris!


Kim very kindly dropped me off at Jack & Jill windmills this morning.  And what a beautiful morning it was too, as you can see from the pics!  The only people I normally share running space with on a Sunday are dog walkers, which was why bumping into Richard last weekend was so cool.  Today there were a plethora of other runners, cyclists and dog walkers out and about and a real sense of bonhomie!

One of the benefits of wearing an extra layer (it was a frosty morning) was an extra pocket to put my mobile in, which enabled me to take some photos for a change.

I made good progress along the top of the Downs past Ditchling Beacon as far as Blackcap.  Kim and I used to train along here in preparation for the Berlin marathon in 2004 and so it holds memories as well as being a good firm surface to run on.  After Blackcap I dropped off the top and headed north, breaking new ground and finding some beautiful houses, farms and churches surrounded by lush Sussex countryside!

Eventually I hit Plumpton and followed my nose as to the route out, running up what looked like someone’s driveway.  A man with a dog approached me in the opposite direction and I felt it may be pertinent to ask if this was a public footpath and not his drive!  I was totally amazed when, taking off his Walkman, a most cunning disguise, it turned out to be Chris Burt, an ex corporate bank manager of mine.  Both stunned, we stood to chat and it was really great to see you Chris!

One of the benefits of being comfortable with ambiguity is that it doesn’t really matter where you end up running and I ended up running into the same junction of paths as I had found when I’d exited the golf course a week or so back.  Pleased at having joined up a few more dots on the map, I then knew I was homeward bound, but right about then I had a strong urge to eat something – toast and peanut butter!  Not having said sustenance and knowing that my reserves were now low I had no alternative other than to press on, slowly and regardless.

By the time I reached home I was knackered!  Deducting the estimated ten minutes talking to Chris, I had run for two hours twenty and covered 13.5 miles, or 21.5 km.  One of the reasons for the post being a little late is that I ate my toast & peanut butter and promptly fell asleep in the sun!

Don’t forget Barns Green next weekend… hope to see you all there!